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Quality Assurance

Integrity, Commitment, Control

Quality comes first here at MicroTek, where customer satisfaction is our only true marker of success. We're dedicated to delivering the highest caliber products and services, on time and at a good cost.


Our standards exceed major OEM requirements for quality assurance.


QA Program Overview

At MicroTek, employees at every level are equally committed to providing exceptional quality. Using state-of-the-art systems and equipment, we test 100 percent of our products and track our results to improve our manufacturing processes. MicroTek recognizes that quality assurance and control is an ongoing process, and we readily incorporate improvements. MicroTek also makes every effort to assist our customers when it comes to maintaining the quality of what we produce, and we welcome feedback — in fact, we rely on it. The result: long-standing customer relationships that are streamlined, and successful.


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