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About Us

Uniquely MicroTek — Connecting social consciousness with business success

Our Business Model

Being a not-for-profit doesn’t mean that MicroTek can’t, or doesn’t, make money. But it does mean there are restrictions on how a surplus can be spent; earnings must be reinvested back into the business. At MicroTek, we have used our revenues to fuel company growth and to improve wages and benefits for all employees. We have set long-term goals for continued growth of 15 to 20 percent per year, and creation of new jobs to support the local economy.  [top]

Company Diversity: The MicroTek Advantage

At MicroTek, we work to create a positive and empowered environment for all employees, transcending barriers of language, culture, age and physical or developmental disability. Ours is a corporate culture where individual differences and diversity are recognized, valued and supported. Several MicroTek employees have limitations that call for some level of modification, such as adapting a machine to make it accessible for someone with a physical handicap. Our focus on accommodations has encouraged us to look at how employees across the board can do their jobs better. This spirit of innovation has increased our ability to manufacture products at a consistently high and repeatable level of quality. We’re proof that a successful commercial business can support the employment of people with disabilities — and benefit from their contributions as valued members of the company.

Click on this link to read the success story of one of our employees!  [top]

Female Leadership

There are many things that make MicroTek exceptional among industry peers, and one is our leadership. In a field comprising mostly men, MicroTek's CEO Anne Paradis has actively recruited women to management roles since taking the helm in 1987; today, women hold the majority of Board and executive positions at MicroTek. Anne is currently on the board of Baystate Health Systems; an integrated healthcare system serving western New England, and on the board of Health New England, an HMO with over 100,000 members. She is past president of the Women's Fund of Western Massachusetts, an organization committed to advancing the social and economic well-being of women and girls. Anne’s efforts are yet another way in which MicroTek demonstrates the company’s commitment to give back to the community.  [top]


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