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About Us

MicroTek — We Are Wired for Excellence

From a single component to a complex assembly, MicroTek provides custom cable and wire configurations for equipment used in the medical, scientific and security industries around the world. We also offer complete electro-mechanical assembly from cable and wire harnesses to testing and programing final units. Our solutions are efficient, cost-effective and cutting-edge, and adhere to the highest standards. But MicroTek is more than just a quality provider — we’re your partner in business, working to make yours the best it can be. In a competitive industry, MicroTek is recognized for our agility, expertise and customer focus. And as a manufacturing company with a humanitarian twist, we’re proud to do things a little bit differently than the others.

Our History

MicroTek is known as a leading interconnect specialist. What is less known, however, is that our original mission was more about connecting people than electronic parts. MicroTek was founded in 1983 with the mission to provide employment to individuals with disabilities in an integrated business setting. They currently makeup 10% of our workforce.

In the late 1980s, MicroTek shifted from a service program to a strategic business primed to compete in a worldwide market. We acquired tooling, industry knowledge and marketing savvy and began growing 10 to 30 percent annually — all while fostering a corporate culture that includes and values diversity and differences.

More than thirty years later, MicroTek remains true to that mission… and as a multimillion-dollar manufacturer of custom cable assemblies, we’ve shown that a successful company can also support a diverse and integrated workforce.

At MicroTek, our priorities and guiding principles help all employees perform their jobs with higher quality, greater efficiency and pride of ownership. And MicroTek’s customers reap the rewards.  [top]

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